„Holy Noiz is a place where the greater part of my musical desires and needs of the mission is fulfilled. And for me it’s a gospel music. Here is a big part of me and my work”

Holy Noiz is a musical project created in 2007 at the initiative of Gabriela, her husband Wojciech Gąsior (bassist) and her brother Rafał Rudawski (pianist).

While performing with the choir in Poland, Germany and Denmark, together they have entered the world of gospel music, educating themselves alongside well-known instructors and performers of this genre. Although each of those musicians performs different music in their everyday lives, gospel has become their common passion.

The band initially known under the name of the Gospel Friends has won several awards at the International Gospel Music Festival in Osiek and Cantate Deo Festival in Gliwice in 2008.

In the autumn of the same year, the group has changed their name to the Holy Noiz. In December 2008, Holy Noiz recorded an live DVD album called „To On” with guest appereance of the Gospel Joy Choir, led then by Brian Fentress (Regeneration).

For several years, Holy Noiz has performed at many international festivals of gospel music, playing with such artists as: Mieczysław Szcześniak, Beata Bednarz, Natalia Kukulska, Kuba Badach, Anna Szarmach, Ewa Uryga, Andrew Lampert, David Daniel, Peter Francis, Solomon Facey, Jnr. Robinson, Karen Gibson, Ruth Waldron, Brian Fentress, Gospel Joy Choir and Konin Gospel Choir.

Each of their songs is a story connected with the Gabriela’s life, her experiences and discovering God as well as her life with Him. Their music is a mix of gospel, soul, jazz, R&B, Latin American music, reggae, rock, and pop.

Holy Noiz band:
Dorota Zaziąbło – keyboards
Łukasz Zając – drums
Wojciech Gąsior- bass guitar, musical direction of the band
Robert Zając – guitar
Olaf Węgier – saxophone